Muc-Off Anti-Fog Treatment, does it really work?

2016-08-09 23.34.15

Getting wet in the rain is a normal occurrence for almost all bikers and most rides are usually ready to weather through it. Some prefer to ride through while some like to slip into a rain suit before carrying on. Whatever happens the below the neck cannot be as serious as what goes on inside the helmet.

When the outside temperature drops, the humidity from breathing builds up inside the helmet. This forms vapour which fogs up the visor from the inside. While many full-face helmet visors today are equipped with an anti-fog strips or films, there are still many that don’t. Even if your helmet has the anti-fog strip or film installed the problem persists if you wear prescription glasses.

To prevent the fogging of the visor or your glasses, Muc-Off has formulated the Anti-Fog Treatment. Just spray on to the intended surface are and apply with a soft piece of tissue and you will have an invisible layer of protection to keep your visibility during harsh weather conditions.


We tested the Muc-Off spray on a pair of prescription glasses and found the results to be satisfactory. We sprayed one side and left the other side as it was, then held it over a cup of steaming hot water. As you could see in the picture, one side is fogged up while the other that was sprayed with the Anti-Fog Treatment remained clear. So we deem it as a solution that works and give it a TMSBK stamp of approval. The Muc-Off Anti-Fog Treatment is imported by Hodaka Motoworld and can be found at any one of their dealers across the country.

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