HJC RPHA10, How good is it?

2016-08-11 08.46.20I bought my HJC RPHA10 3 years ago from Motostyle Store in Subang Jaya. It was a gift to myself and an upgrade from the entry level SOL helmet I’ve had for over 3 years.

First look, the overall design of the helmet was surely a pull factor and then when I felt how light it was, I was sold.  At 1200g laden with top notch features the HJC was a sure winner. After meddling about with some other helmets from other brands just to compare I came back to the RPHA10 and made it mine.

This year alone my HJC RPHA10 has been out on a few long distance rides, Betong, Phuket, Krabi, Samui and most recently Koh Lanta. I rode various motorcycles on each of these occasions but wore the same helmet. During some of these rides, I rode over 500kms in a day, sometimes up to 800kms in a day. I have never regretted a single day spending close to RM2000.00 on the RPHA10. Here is why;

Comfort level.

The HJC RHPA10 is without a doubt a very comfortable helmet, the plush padding cushions my head without exerting unusual pressure anywhere on my skull specially on the sides of my head since I wear prescription glasses/sunglasses (the RPHA10 has grooves fro glasses, how cool is that?).

Recently I rode the KTM1050 Adventure to Koh Lanta and the conditions were harsh throughout the ride. It started raining the just after Taiping until I reached Changlun but thanks to my raincoat, I was spared the problem of becoming a wrinkled up pickle. The HJC RPHA 10 shined throughout the ride, thanks to the Pinlock anti-fog insert and the clear visor I chose to put on for the ride (the RPHA10 comes with an additional dark visor).

I shut the overhead vents halfway and left the chin-bar vent open wide, to my surprise there was very little water seepage into the helmet and the conditions inside the helmet remained nice and cool.


Choose the right balaclava!

Balaclavas don’t just retain the majority of your sweat from getting absorbed onto the padding but they also keep you head cool and comfy at all times. A regular balaclava made of waste cotton may cost a few ringgit but the will only be good for the first 200kms the most. Cotton balaclavas absorb sweat but do not dry fast like the ones made out of micro-fibre. Plus they hold your ears down tight and cause numbness and pain. By the time you reach Ipoh from KL, you’d not want to wear the balacalavas any longer. So if you are planning a long ride get decent microfiber balaclava.


Cut that noise.

The HJC RPHA10 is designed for sports riding, meaning that it’s got great aerodynamics and noise reduction features. From my personal experience, the sound levels are kept relatively low inside the RPHA10 up to about 140km/h but the usual highway cruising speeds for motorcycles above 500cc is around 140km/h to 160km/h. Although the sound insulation is among the best for the HJC RPHA10, it gets louder as the speed grows and even more so if you have an aftermarket performance pipe on. So to protect your hearing further and to focus your vision better I would recommend wearing earplugs. Get a bunch of these and keep them in your pockets or pouch compartments because you will tend to loose them. Cutting out the noise not only saves your hearing but also keeps you from being fatigued by the constant droning of your motorcycle engine and exhaust.

Life saver

The basic function of a helmet is to protect your skull from cracking open in an accident and to save you face from being ground off the tarmac in case of a face plant. Sounds morbid, yes, the dangers are very real, painful and the aftermath is ugly. The RPHA10 has saved a former colleague of mine from grievous cranial and facial injury as head tumbled and tosses across the tarmac upon being hit by a car from behind. The HJC RPHA10 helmet was scraped badly but structurally it remained intact. This is real proof of the RPHA10’s worthiness.


The HJC RPHA10 is light, comfy, quiet and safe. Coupled with the right helmet accessories like earplugs and a good quality balaclava, this helmet is a gem for short or long rides.  The RPHA11 we hear is much improved, look out for that review next.

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