Starting the New Year with some Dirt-y Torque.

img_4218It was the first week of January and they say it’s a good time to get started at the gym, and so we did. But the regular fitness gyms are boring and this time of the year it’s usually filled with people trying to fulfill their New Year resolution. Most of them will give up after a few selfies, but why discourage them.
So we decided on a different kind of a gym – The Most Fun Gym. And hell no, this is not an ordinary gym. MFG is a motocross training track that caters for beginners and intermediate level riders. You can get started or if you are already a road rider, no matter how seasoned you are, you’re bound to pick up a trick or two.


Getting started is easy, all you need is some basic riding skills (we are talking bicycle basics here) and a desire to get dirty. Whilst all the necessary protective gear are provided, riders are required to be dressed in jeans, riding boots or high cut boots and long sleeved t-shirts. The more advanced riders of course need to be decked up with proper MX safeties.
For as low as RM300 per session complete with one of the best motocross coaching you could possibly find out there today, MFG is the perfect place to start your off-road riding ‘career’. There are children as young as 4 years old and seniors as old as 75 that have been part of the learners club at MFG.

Coincidentally, we’ve had a whole group of eager beavers wanting to have a go at dirt riding. It was a party of five to be exact and four of them were ladies. Dato’ Chester of Welly Advance Bikers was the one gentleman flanked by four beautiful young ladies during this introductory session and he didn’t seem to have anything to complain about.

Being the most experienced motorcycle rider, Dato’ Chester was the first to have a quick tutorial session by Ryan Tan the Junior Instructor at MFG. It didn’t take Dato’ Chester too long before he was putting down some decent pace on the beginners track. We could see he started having some serious fun when the rear end on the Kawasaki KLX he was riding began slipping out. Every lap after that he started pushing a little bit more to feel the rear sliding away. He began dancing on the track and all we could see was his sheepish grin inside the helmet. “Getting on a dirt track was part one of the fun, part two was being able to slide the bike around the bends. It’s exhilarating and a great learning experience at the same time”, said Dato’ Chester.

The other seasoned rider that came to try dirt riding for the first time was lady biker, Rina. Now, here’s a feisty lady bikers with a Diavel as a daily ride and a R6 for an ex-lover. Being her first time ever on a dirt track, Rina played it safe around the initial laps but once she got hang of it, she built pace rapidly and started to have some fun of her own. “I’ve been riding for a number of years but this is something different, riding on the dirt teaches you things that you’ve never picked up on the tarmac. The feeling of losing traction and not relying entirely on the brakes are some of things I’ve picked up today”, claimed Rina who can’t wait to come back to MFG for another session.

Then we had a beginner rider, Kama, who had tried riding at MFG on a 50cc beginner bike before and this time round Sifu Kah Beng did not waste time in upgrading her to the taller slightly bigger cc’ed 85cc Kawasaki KLX. After a few pointers from the legendary instructor she was off. Although a little jittery on the taller bike, Kama began to work the principles of riding on the beginners track and had her share of the MFG ‘workout’. After a second serving on the track, Kama went on and sign up for future session and we saw a dirt addict in the making right there.

The final two lady riders of the day was a different story altogether. Models, Dahlia from Iran and Karina from Uzbekistan have never ridden a motorcycle before and they barely remember the last time that they even rode a bicycle. But the good Sifu did not fret the fact that these girls were motorcycle virgins. He gave both the ladies a quick introductory lesson and guided them around the track whilst running alongside the motorcycle. Barely one lap later, both the models were balancing themselves and were riding on their one albeit in just second gear.

Dahlia being the more adventurous of the duo, got the hang of it quickly and begged to be upgraded to the taller Kawasaki after her learner laps. Ryan reluctantly obliged to her plea and gave her a few more pointers on how to handle the taller bigger cc’ed motorcycle and the potential dangers. Dahlia took the pointers in like a dry sponge and completed her very first day on the dirt track with the taller Kawasaki KLX. Karina retired after her initial laps while Julisa, the CEO at MFG had to pry Dahlia off the motorcycle. That’s how easy it is to get started and to get bitten by the dirt riding bug.
The adrenaline rush from the fresh experience for the beginners as well as the seasoned riders was the same. Everyone went home happy after having their fair share of dirt-y torque.

Our heartfelt appreciation to Sifu Oh Kah Beng, MFG CEO Julisa Neoh, Junior Coach Ryan Tan and Track Manager John Chen for allowing us a memorable outing to kick-start 2017. For more information on the programs available at MFG and the package rates visit the MFG facebook page at or call Julisa at 0122072516 for reservations.


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