Sky’s the limit for Nadiah Wafa.

Skydiving, paragliding and riding sport bikes are certainly not for the faint-hearted. But if you have guts of steel and a thirst for adrenaline, those are the kind of activities that you’re probably addicted to.

Now, let us introduce you to Nadiah Wafa. For Nadiah, merely enjoying extreme sports was not enough, this feisty young lady is currently training to become a professional paraglider. She is yearning to trade her day job as a creative designer to fly like a bird, quite literally.
We met Nadiah when she came around to Welly Advance Bikers’ Kawasaki Exclusive Service Centre to get her tyres changed. Since the tyres were going to be changed, Nadiah treated herself with a burnout. Her intention was to pop the tyres off the rims but some sense kicked-in and she stopped the after fogging up the neighborhood.

Nadiah bought the Kawasaki Z800 from Welly Advance Bikers and it has been her daily ride over the past 3 years. She chose the Z800 because it suited her bill for daily travel and maneuverability. While her mother insist that Nadia would have been better off with Barbie dolls, her father encourages her to chase her dreams. Nadiah says her dream on two-wheels comes in the shape of a BMW GS but we see that she’s been trying out Harley-Davidsons of late. Whatever her choice may be, it’s going to be hard catching Nadiah.
The sky is literally the limit for this young lass and we wish her every success in her quest of winning paragliding championships.

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