METZELER’s revolutionary new off road tyres: the MC 360™.

METZELER is preparing to present to the motocross and general off road world the new MC 360™ tyre.

For over a century. Metzeler has been a reference point for motorcyclists around the world. It is considered the two wheel tyre specialist having decided to focus solely on the production of tyres for motorcycles and mopeds.


Already a reference in the road segment with successful products such as SPORTEC™ M7 RR, ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ and, more recently, with the new ROADTEC™ 01, actually the brand’s commitment has never wavered in the off road segment. In fact, thanks to the performance of its MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME, Metzeler boasts 29 titles (since 2005) in the FIM Enduro World Championship and eight consecutive titles in the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship.

With the new MC 360™, METZELER went further, creating a product that makes versatility its watchword as this tyre has been developed to be used in various off road disciplines as motocross, supercross, cross country and freestyle.

With the new MC 360™, the Research and Development team of Metzeler has managed to condense all the needs of these disciplines into two specifications, Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard, each able to better react to the prevailing feature of the mixed tracks whilst ensuring consistent and long life performance.

The name chosen for this product is not random: the number 360 emphasizes the all-round abilities of this tyre in any conditions of soil and climate, all combined with an excellent level of grip. The new MC 360™ has been developed to ensure maximum performance from soft soils and sand, up to abrasive, rocky surfaces. In fact every sort of mixed terrain found in the course of a long cross country track. This versatility of use has been made possible thanks to the development of two innovative tread patterns for mid-soft and mid-hard which guarantee, respectively, an unprecedented traction on soft ground and, in the second case, resistance to tearing on hard ones.

Not only this, all sizes of the new product will be reversible, which means they can be used in both directions of rotation: so when the knobs are worn the rider can reverse the direction of rotation of the tyre, giving double tyre life.

Another very important feature, and undoubtedly one will be much appreciated by lovers of trail and enduro, you can leave your home on the bike to reach your final destination as the new MC 360™ tyres are also homologated for road use.

Before being available on the market, starting from spring 2017 (subject to sizes), the Testing Department of METZELER has subjected the new MC 360™ to extreme tests in the most diverse and challenging situations. These will culminate with a final test phase in late February when some prototypes tyres will be used in the Atacama desert and in the ascent of Nevado Ojos del Salado, a volcano located between Argentina and Chile. At a height of 6891 metres above sea level it is the highest in the world. The activity will allow the test team to test the product in difficult conditions not only in terms of terrain but also with regard to varied weather conditions.

The range of all the available sizes as well as complete technical specifications of the product will be announced in the spring when the new MC 360™ will begin to be marketed.

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