Trail riding in Broga.

It’s was the break of dawn one fine Sunday just after Chinese New Year and I was already in my car travelling to CA Cycle Advance in Kajang for my inauguration into trail riding. I was coaxed by my partner Jayson into ‘running-in’ a couple of brand new KTM enduro motorcycles for CA Cycle Advance. So, we had a spanking new KTM250EXC, a 250EXC-F, a 350EXC-F and a slightly used 450SX-F, all of which were of the Six-Days special edition variants. We had roped in another friend, industrial engineer Jeff, who has some experience riding trails to help ‘run-in’ one of the KTMs.

From left: Yours truly, Jayson, Jeff, Charles, Ah Chai & Ah Fatt

I could sense that it was going to be a fun orange party as we gleefully loaded all the bikes onto a lorry and headed out to the Broga trial. Charles Loo, one of the managing partners at CA Cycle Advance arranged the trip and he’s roped in two seasoned trail riders known only as Ah Fatt and Ah Chai. Charles had mentioned to Jayson that we’ll only be exploring some beginner trails and it’ll only take us about two hours. We found out later, he duped us into believing it’s going to be a piece-of-cake.


Charles and Jeff, rolled out on CA’s company lorry while Jayson and ferried one bike on a pick-up truck. We headed out for about 10kms from the CA Cycle Advance showroom and hit a small town closest to the trail head in Broga. There we had breakfast at a famous Wantan noodle place, this was where Ah Fatt and Ah Chai joined us and Charles introduced them as our guides. These were two very tanned, lean built men who were well into their forties. They did not say much at breakfast because both of the were probably chuckling inside on how we were going to ride like a bunch of girls in the jungle. We finished breakfast and headed out to a village where we were to leave the cars and the tarmac into unfamiliar terrain.


After gearing up, all six of us rolled into the trail via a banana plantation. The initial 1km was an open trail with low shrubs but as we kept going deeper, the route narrowed down to a single trail. After the first hour, Ah Chai who was leading us decided we head out into the palm oil plantation for a bit. The wide truck trail gave a chance to speed up and enjoy the scenes at the same time.


Then we headed back into the thick foliage of Broga for something more challenging, this time we were headed up a muddy hill sector and this is where the newbies Jayson, Jeff and I had free-for-all falling lessons. We got stuck in mud holes, went off the ledge, slid off the track and Jeff even managed a flip-over. But this is what trail riding is all about, you fall, you pick yourself up and keep going again. Once you were in the trails, you are committed and there was no turning back.


About two hours later, the extreme humid conditions of the tropical terrain started taking its toll on the beginners. Fatigue started kicking in and we were falling off more frequently. We took a break by a stream midway where the scenery was amazing. The dense jungle set a beautiful background as we gaped in awe at the hundred million year old natural wonder.


Ah Fatt then broke the news that we were barely covered 20 percent of the trail and there was a more technical sector up ahead. At this point, the trail virgins including yours truly is worn-out and we quickly declined the offer to venture further. Ah Chai, Ah Fatt and Charles had a good laugh at us and agreed to turnaround.


On the way out we stopped over at a river bank where a group of orang asli and local folks were having a barbeque outing. These guys were acquaintances of Ah Fatt and Ah Chai and they offered us to join in on the fun. We gladly accepted and joined the locals and savored some jungle chicken skewered onto sticks and barbequed with just some salt and soy sauce. But I kid you not, the chicken was good to the bone.


Heavy rain did not dampen our party as the Orang Asli folk set up camp with wild banana leafs and bamboos in a matter of minutes. We thanked our new friends for their hospitality and made our way back into civilization. Although we were knackered, the experience was amazing and we vouched to come back again. The following week Jayson was back there with Jeff and two weeks later Jayson and I found ourselves at MotoManiac with Kev Le Rat. Look out for our account of the Moto Maniac experience soon.


Meanwhile, if you would like to tough it out at Broga, Charles will be more than happy to take you in. He has a selection of KTMs in-house for rent and a small fee for a guide should get you a tour to remember. Leave a message with your contact details and we’ll hook you up with Charles.


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