MEGA FUN, Mega TTS XJ-6 SeMalaya 2017

Story and pictures by Wahid Ooi Abdullah, KLCL

The Yamaha XJ-6 was launched during the large capacity motorcycle boom of 2012. It went on to sell many units. Buyers loved the bike for it’s smooth, 600cc, inline-Four and its howling exhaust note; comfortable ergonomics and seat; and comfort oriented suspension and handling; and of course, it’s sharp design.


Although the model had been supplanted by the MT-07 and MT-09 range, the XJ-6 owners continued to love their bikes.

Because of this, the Malaysian Yamaha XJ-6 Club held a gathering for the bike’s owners around Malaysia. Called the Mega TTS XJ-6 SeMalaya 2017 (2017 Malaysian XJ-6 Mega TTS), some 150 bikes showed up from the North, Central, South and East Coast regions of Peninsula Malaysia for two days of fun activities and the opportunity to make new friends at Port Dickson. Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) also sent their representatives to support the event.


We rendezvoused at the R&R area along the Seremban – Port Dickson highway. The Royal Malaysian Traffic Police then escorted the convoy right up to the Annisa Homestay in Kampung Si Rusa, situated just 1km away from the Royal Malaysian Army Museum.

All three variants – XJ-6 Diversion, XJ-6 Naked and XJ-6F (with a full fairing) were represented, from the fully stock units to the souped-up, fire breathing monsters. Sport exhaust systems were obligatory.


We arrived to a warm reception with light refreshments at the ready. Riding under the heat sure was tiring and made everyone hungry. Rooms were then assigned to the participants and everyone had 5 hours of free time before the next set of events and BBQ dinner.

The participants took the opportunity to rest or hit the beaches and sites around Port Dickson. A few even went on to ride jet skis.

In the evening, a prayer and Quran recitation session was held, ahead of the visit by Dato’ Sri Wira Ayub Bin Haji Yaakob, Vice President of the Malaysian Anti-Crime Foundation. Regional representatives of the ride also gave their speeches.

Dato’ Sri Wira Ayub called upon the XJ-6 owners and club members to work together in the effort to stamp out illegal activities such as drug addiction and smuggling, besides promoting safe riding practices such as proper riding gear, road ethics and upgrading riding skills.

He went on to judge the Most Beautiful XJ-6 and “Brightest” (most highly lit) XJ-6 contest. Many took part, putting up their blunged-out bikes to the test. In the end, Pak Cha won the Most Beautiful category, while Atok Joe took home the Brightest honours. Part of the prizes were sponsored by HLYM.

With the contests and BBQ dinner out of the way, the mandatory karaoke competition was held before ending the night.

The group headed to the Pantai Cahaya parking lot after breakfast the next day for the motorcycle gymkhana demonstration. A few owners actually competed in the events throughout the year even in Cebu, Philippines.

The demonstrations were also held in conjunction with charity rides for the boys and girls of an orphanage. Male and female XJ-6 riders took turns to ferry the children around the track for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Next up was the gymkhana demonstration by the professionals, making up a mock competition. The “competitors” pushed the others as well as themselves to the limits.

With gymkhana done, the owners rallied for group photos before heading home.

If anything goes to show, this event shows how much the XJ-6 is still loved by their owners and it’s ability to tackle tight spaces during gymkhana. Yamaha produced a great motorcycle, indeed.


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