6 reasons to go to Welly World Cycle, Sg. Buloh.


The weekend is here and we’re all getting ready to flex our wrists plying our favorite routes. We wish everyone a safe ride and a pleasant weekend. But before we go get rolling here’s an interesting motorcycle centre to consider – Welly World Cycle, Sg. Buloh.

Welly World Cycle, Sg. Buloh or better known as Welly Sg. Buloh is a well-known sport bike centre for the seasoned rider. This multi-faceted showroom and service centre has continuously evolved throughout the years. Here are some of the interesting points on why it’ll be worth your while to pay Welly Sg. Buloh a visit for your motorcycle related shopping trip.

1. Experience – Welly World Cycle was established in 1982 and its founder Ngo Yoke Kwang or better known as Ah Kwang was already involved in the business since 1977. From a time where two-strokers ruled all the way up to the current tech laden super-sports models, Ah Kwang has seen them all or at least almost all.

2. Sales, Service and Spares – Welly Sg. Buloh is an official dealer for Ducati, KTM and Yamaha motorcycles. They have dedicated service and stock up on the essential parts to cater for the needs of respective clients. As a bonus, there is even an accessories store which carries riding gear, safety equipment and after-market upgrades. This store is being renovated currently to house even more products from popular brands.

3. New and Used – Welly Sg. Buloh has dedicated showrooms for Ducati, KTM and Yamaha albeit in a single row. An added bonus is the used bikes centre which holds up to 50 units at any time. If the new bikes don’t suit your budget, you can always pick-up a reasonably priced used bike here.

4. Trade-in – So you’re tired of your old ride and not so keen in selling it yourself. Just take your bike to Welly Sg. Buloh to get a free assessment and quotation. Usually the offer will be better if you are opting to trade your bike in for a brand new unit.


5. Community – Welly Sg. Buloh has a large ‘muhibbah’ following with plenty of rides throughout the year. But if you are looking for a more challenging ride, speak to the boss himself. Ah Kwang personally rides almost daily and he’s a regular cross border adventure-tourer. He’s rode to many remote parts of South East Asia as well as China.

6. Financial Services – Welly Sg. Buloh is a registered panel for most of the finance and insurance companies. Having been in the business for over 3 decades, Welly Sg. Buloh has very good rapport with these companies. This relationship is useful to expedite matters and special financing packages. Just ask the friendly administration personnel at well for the latest offers.

Welly Sg. Buloh is located at No. 2135, Jalan 3/1, Batu 13 1/2, 47000 Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia. They are contactable at +60 3-6156 1768. Have a great weekend and ride safe always.

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