TMSBK Garage – Bye Bye ER-6f, Hello Z1000SX.

So, Dato’ Chester of Welly Advance Bikers managed to ‘persuade’ me in getting my next weapon of choice, the Z1000SX. This man has his ways of making offers that you can’t resist, he hit all the right notes and the next thing I know I was singing on board a Z1000SX back home.


This 2013 sport-tourer has taken the place of my old faithful ER6-f which has served me well over the last 3 years.

Once all the formalities was done I took delivery of the bike after an oil service at Welly Advance Bikers. After a couple of rides up to Bentong, Genting and Ulu Yam, I felt like the bike was a rough unsettled beast.

It was powerful, yes, but it was also hard to ride fast and smooth. The front felt wobbly entering and in mid-corner and the rear was very twitchy. I knew that it was time to meet the set-up expert, Pira Thulasi in Seremban. I set up and appointment a few days prior as he only dedicates his attention to one motorcycle at a time.

Pira has decades of experience setting up and tuning race cars. His exposure to the Japanese racing series and tuners over the years made him a popular character in Sepang Circuit. He’s regularly invited to setup cars across the region.

His love for auto tuning did not stop with cars, he’s also a seasoned biker who loves to tweak motorcycles. Pira is very detailed in his work and loves what he does. Known for troubleshooting hard to solve problems, Pira also ensures his friends understand what goes on underneath the shiny surface of cars and motorcycles.

He’s done a great deal for my ER-6f and here’s my first visit with the Z1000SX.

“That’s a nice beast you got there,” was the first words Pira uttered when he first saw the SX. “Yeah I’m going to need your help to tame it,” I replied. Without further ado, Pira whipped out his tool kit and started probing my SX.

Here are the refinements done on the SX by Pira Thulasi.

  • Throttle body service and adjustment – Cleaning and fine adjustment of butterfly plate.
  • Throttle push & pull synchronization – Elimination of free-play for sharper response.
  • Air filter replacement – Change of filter element and cleaning of airbox.
  • Bleeding of front & rear brakes – Brake fluid replacement and synchronising of brakes for better feel.
  • Battery change – Change of battery and cleaning of corroded terminal due to leakage.
  • Suspension tuning – Front & Rear (Preload, damping and rebound setting & tuning)


Once the setup was completed, Pira took a test ride to evaluate the performance and made a few more tweaks. It was half a day well spent learning about the Z1000SX from a technical point of view.

Now, the ride back was very different than the ride to Pira’s place in Seremban. Here are the major differences.

  1. The stability up right has changed drastically, now it felt well planted and secure at high speeds.
  2. Smoother entry into corners, better grip mid-corner and smooth wobble free exits out of corners. I’ll verify this again after the Terengganu Bike week trip this weekend.
  3. Sharper throttle response and quicker acceleration.
  4. More comfort and stability over speed humps and other irregularities on the road.
  5. Better steering feedback and feel.

I still have a long way to go getting acquainted with the Z100SX and more refinements to be made in the near future. I’ll share the journey with you, so keep it glued here for more.


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