TMSBK Garage – Time for some trusty rubber

We get some good rubber at Welly Sg. Buloh and a dosage of luck in the form of a TOTO win.

Our lean mean green machine is back from the long Phuket Bike Week tour. My main concern with the Z1000SX was its tyres, the Bridgestone T30s were dated 2013. Typically the T30 would last for about 10,000kms depending on usage or 5 years in good storage.

The pair on my Z has had a fair share of mileage and age. But I managed to squeeze another 3000kms riding to the Terengganu Bike Week and the Phuket Bike Week. During the ride back from Phuket, I could feel that the tyres were at the end of their service life. A part of the front looked impregnated with a lump while the rear went flat in the center.  These irregularities effected high speed ride stability and low speed maneuvering.

It was time for a change and after some searching the choices boiled down to two Bridgestone models, the T30 EVO and the S21. The T30 EVO has better longevity and is skewed to long distance touring usage and better wet grip meanwhile the S21 offers superior dry grip all and is targeted for sporty usage. The S21 are perfect for corner carvers and occasional track day riders.

The T30 EVO is an improved version of the T30, whilst maintaining the dry grip levels of the T30 the new EVO has longer grooves to improve its ability to channel water away from the contact patch. The dual compound rear tyres are also developed for greater stability and cornering grip which increases in tandem with temperature.

I tour more than carve corners, so the T30 EVO fits the bill perfectly. Welly World Cycle or better known as Welly Sg. Buloh had a pair of the T30 EVO made in Feb this year. The fitting was done at Welly Sg. Buloh’s fully equipped service center which specializes in taking care of Ducati and KTM motorcycles. Welly Sg. Buloh is a top dealer for both brands.

The difference in stability and low speed control was immediate but I’ll have to take it easy for about 200kms before the tyres are properly scuffed-in for optimum performance. A short ride up to Ipoh and back should do the trick.

Welly Sg. Buloh must have been a lucky place to do a tyre change, the very next day my brother who was also at Welly Sg. Buloh during the tyre change, struck a small Toto win. The Z1000SX registration number won a TOTO ‘Specials’ prize straight up. So the next time you take your motorcycle for a tyre change at Welly Sg. Buloh, just try your luck. You just may be the next lucky punter.


One thought on “TMSBK Garage – Time for some trusty rubber

  1. For your next set you should try a set of Michelin Pilot Road 4. I’ve run many sets of these and their predecessors on my big ninja and they have excellent wet and dry traction, yet still offer excellent mileage due to the dual compounds. I’ve tried others but keep coming back to this series of tyre. My riding is a mixture of the tight and twisties to open road touring.


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