Ready for an adventure at Welly Sg. Buloh.

Welly Sg. Buloh is a place of great memories for countless bikers. This is where many have come to realise their dreams and live their passion. What started as a passion for Ah Kwang (the founder of Welly Sg. Buloh) has turned out to be a blessing for so many.


One such person is Royar, a Welly Sg. Buloh’s loyal customer who became great personal and riding buddies with the boss. Royar is not his real name, he’s a lawyer by profession and some friends with ‘difficulties’ pronouncing the word lawyer, playfully started calling him ‘royar’ and it stuck. He gleefully accepted the given name and has it even endorsed on his bike.

Royar has been riding for over a decade now and is a regular at all Welly Sg. Buloh’s ride activities. He’s travelled wide all over Malaysia and Thailand along with his band of biker brothers. Royar currently rides a KTM 1050 Adventure and absolutely loves it. He had a KTM 990 SMT before making the switch to the 1050, obviously both were sold by Welly Sg. Buloh, an authorised KTM dealer and service center.

“The 990 SMT is a lovely bike but more brutal in character compared to the 1050. I wanted a touring machine and the 1050 Adventure was the perfect choice. The 1050 Adventure is super light, handles easily, comfortable to ride long distances over long hours, has ample power and easy to maintain,” said Royar who rides almost every day.

He had one grouse though, the orginal color scheme of the 1050 Adventure. “The 1050 only comes in a single design paint and sticker theme and it looks boring. So, I took it out to a sticker wrap place and got it wrapped in the army green theme,” said Royar.

Royar’s KTM 1050 Adventure looks rugged with a utilitarian persona and. Royar says the army green wrap and the red star is a blend of nostalgia and the various idealism of the past. “Most importantly it looks masculine and cool,” he added.


So if you are ready to embark on an adventure of your own, Welly Sg. Buloh will be a great place to begin at. Welly Sg. Buloh is a new and used motorcycle dealership complete with fully equipped service center and an accessories and equipment center.
Get more information at or get in touch via Facebook at

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