ARAI RX-7X Isle of Man TT 2017 Limited Edition is here.

Yes, it’s here in Malaysia and it will be officially available for sale next week onwards but you may place your orders beginning tomorrow. The world’s most iconic and exhilarating road race will kick-start on the 3rd of June. This year marks 10 years of partnership between Arai and the Isle of Man TT as the preferred helmet manufacturer. The very first Arai limited edition was introduced back in 2007, the ‘’Centenary’’ model to commemorate 100 years of TT racing.

Right from the start the limited edition IOMTT helmets proved to be a huge success, every edition was sold out completely. Much to the disappointment of many potential customers, it’s a one-off production and order, re-ordering is not possible. According to KLCL Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., the official importer of Arai helmets for Malaysia, there a only about a hundred units for the Malaysian market. Therefore it’s very advisable to order your IOMTT helmets early to avoid disappointment.

An important part of the IOMTT helmets are off course the unique designs of Aldo Drudi. The Italian master designer knows how to combine all the essential Manx symbols such as the famous three -legged Triskelion and the original TT logo in an iconic design every time. Needless to say that only Arai is allowed to use the original TT logo in the design


For the 2017 edition, Drudi used an extra large Triskelion, combined with the TT logo on the lower part of the helmet. Off course the words ‘’Ellan Vannin’’ (Manx-language name for the Isle of Man) are present on top of the helmet. The Arai IOMTT Edition is surely a keeper and a collectors piece. Contact KLCL Enterprise at 03-4144 3319 or any of its authorised dealers nationwide.

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