Welly Sg. Buloh appointed as Arai Technical Pro Shop.

KLCL Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., the official distributor of Arai Helmets for the Malaysian market has appointed Welly Sg. Buloh as its Technical Pro Shop. This is a first for Malaysia and the appointment precedes the opening of the Welly Sg. Buloh’s newly refurbished riding gear and accessories center in the same vicinity as its showroom in Sg. Buloh.

Being an Arai Technical Pro Shop will mean that Welly Sg. Buloh will carry the complete range of Arai helmets and also the replacement parts for the various models available here. Plus the personnel at Welly Sg. Buloh will be technically capable and equipped  for the servicing and repairing needs of Arai helmets.

Two representatives from Welly Sg. Buloh, the Ngo siblings, have been given special training at Arai’s factory facility in Saitama, Japan. The technical training covers in-depth analysis of Arai’s helmet’s engineering, the measuring and fitting of helmets, helmet care and hands- on training on servicing, repairing and more. Kim and June from Welly Sg. Buloh are also the first dealer representatives to receive training at the Saitama facility. Usually the training is only provided for country or regional distributors.

Upon the completion of the training course, both Kim and June received their certificates from Michio Arai san and Akihito Arai san, the son and grandson of Arai’s founder Hirotake Arai.

Arai helmets are revered all around the world for its top class safety, comfort and styling. The brand needs no introduction among bikers and is responsible for protecting the heads of many world class racers.

Ngo Yoke Kwang or better known as Ah Kwang, the founder and proprietor of Welly Sg. Buloh is a sworn fan of Arai helmets . He has a personal collection of all the Arai helmets he’s ever used, especially those that have saved his head from serious injuries from his past crashes. These helmets are kept away in a showcase at his private office. It is apt that this honour has been given to Welly Sg. Buloh.

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