GIVI Monolock B32 Bold – Great looking topcase with new locking system.

World famous motorcycle accessories maker GIVI unveiled its latest medium sized topcase, the Monolock B32 Bold. The B32 has a storage capacity of 32 liters and is expected to be a hit among moped and scooter owners. A monolock ‘clack’ locking system replaces the old hook and hinge mechanism, this systems allows users to lock the case without the key being attached.

The B32 is designed by Malaysian lass Rozaida Zaki who hails from Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Rozaida who has worked alongside top Italian GIVI designers said that the square-ish design is something the users prefers currently and the silver lining is something reminiscent of the E43 Mulebox. Rozaida was an assisting designer for the Mulebox.

Rozaida Zaki – Product Designer, GIVI Asia SB

GIVI is relentlessly engaging with bikers preaching about the usage of a topcase and the convenience that it provides on a daily basis. “Once you realise the convenience of using a topcase, it’s hard to live without it. As a matter of fact most of our customer that install smaller boxes usually come back for for larger ones since the enjoy the convenience.” said Mr. On Hai Swee, Managing Director of GIVI Asia Sdn. Bhd.

Part of GIVI Asia’s management and marketing team at the launch event.

The B32 Bold is sold at RM210.00 before GST and is available at all authorised GIVI dealers. The monorack and bracket are sold separately. There are over 300 dealers nationwide that retail ad install GIVI products. Information about the dealers could be found at

2 thoughts on “GIVI Monolock B32 Bold – Great looking topcase with new locking system.

    1. Hi, Bold B32 ni boleh didapatkan dari mana-mana Givi Point dan juga kedai motosikal yang dilantik sebagai pengedar sah.
      Layari untuk maklumat lanjut. Terima Kasih.


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