GIVI Topcase mythbuster.

GIVI topcases provides such a convenience for bikers, be it a daily commute or a long distance tour. Here are some common myths associated with installing a topcase.

1. ‘I don’t need it’ – If you don’t have it surely you would not understand the convenience of having one. According to Joseph Perucca, GIVI International Overseas Director, most bikers that install topcases end up coming back for larger cases. It just so convenient to have storage space to keep helmets, rainsuit and other belongings.

Rozaida Zaki – Product Designer, GIVI Asia SB

2. ‘It’s ugly’ – If you opt for some cheaply constructed sub-quality case, yes. But GIVI designs cases that keep up with the taste and trends of consumer. GIVI Asia designer Rozaida Zaki takes consumer feedback, form and functionality as the basis to every case that she’s designed.

3. ‘It’s going to effect my riding dynamics’ – If you overload the case, yes it’ going to effect the ride. The B32 Bold for instance has a recommended capacity of 3kgs. If you are riding crazy fast and filter lanes at neck breaking speeds, you’re bound to get into trouble anyway.

4. ‘It’s not safe’ – Even a safe is not safe nowadays, thieves even break into cars with state-of-the-art security systems. You simply do not leave valuables like laptops and cameras in your topcase. If you have to, then dislodge the case and take it with you.

Visit for more information on GIVI topcase and a the vast range of products offered by the international brand

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