Jeya #BeAB!tch laps Sepang on the Street Triple.

Jeyathevan who is better known for his #BeABitch tagline, took the saddle for TMSBK during the track test session last week. His daily ride is an Aprilia RSV4 Factory and there’s a Gixxer as his trackday weapon. Some say he’s traded the RSV for something ‘monsterous’ but we haven’t got a clue what it is.

One thing we know for sure is the fact that he walked away with a huge grin on his face after the Triumph Street Triple 765 track test. The iconic naked bike by Triumph has obviously pleased the rowdy rider.


Here are some of his feedback about the new Triumph Street Triple 765 after the trackday session at Sepang Circuit:

  1. Power delivery – The power delivery is super smooth and linear, there are no sudden surges or shocking surprises. This results smoother drive when you power out of corners, crack the throttle open and whip out of corners clean.
  2. Lightweight – The bike feels so nimble, it’s so easy to flick directions. This makes it a joy to ride on the track and you can go on full track sessions without tiring out easily.
  3. Great gearing – Crisp gear ratio allows you to power out of corners early and carry higher speeds exiting.
  4. Tyre size – Not too big, not too small. The 180 rear tyre again makes it easier to change directions with plenty of lean and grip provided by the Super Corsa SP on the RS and the Rosso Corsa on the S & R variants.
  5. Ergonomics – The seat, foot pegs and handle bar positions are great. Comfortable even for a 6-footer like me. I don’t know if I looked like a circus bear on a tricycle but it sure didn’t feel like it.
  6. Dashboard – The dash display is simply amazing, it was super bright and easy to read even under the bright afternoon shine.
  7. Braking power – The Brembo M4s on the S&R models as well as the mother of all production Brembos, the M50 on the RS provides amazing bite before diving into the corners.
  8. Suspension – The stock Showa-Ohlins combo on the RS is great on the track but the full Showa set-up for the S and R variants is softer but would be better suited for Street riding.

Con: There is only one thing that Jeya would love to add to the Street Triple – a steering damper. This would eliminate the slight twitch on the fast straights he says.

We are looking forward to taking the all three members of the new Street Triple Family out for some street riding soon and bring your further updates on how they fare on the road. We are just looking for all sorts of excuses to ride these beauties again.


To test the new Triumph Street Triple S, R and RS head on over to any one of the Triumph Motorcycle showrooms. Visit for more details.

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